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Intimacy: A quality of interpersonal connectedness and familiarity, emotional and empathetic, between individuals.  Characterized by – Fear of Intimacy: resistance to self-disclosure, short-term relationships, distancing techniques, defense mechanisms, emotional parsimony; Intimacy Desperation: overcompensation, relationships that move too quickly, inappropriate self-disclosure.

When two people enter into a relationship, it is usually understood that they will deeply connect with each other in all sorts of ways. However, it is becoming increasing difficult for couple to share an intimate relationship.

It is easy to mistake intimacy for sexual touch, but there are several types of intimacy that you can have in a relationship – and only one pertains to sex.

Emotional Intimacy.

This is the most relevant type of intimacy needed in a romantic relationship. Emotional intimacy is all about connecting your mind and feelings together with your partner. It is all about sharing your experiences with your partner.

Physical Intimacy.

This type is derived from communicating with and looking at the people around you, and it is the most common form of intimacy. In relationships, you get to the physical intimacy phase once you get to understand the feelings and attitude of your partner.

Intellectual Intimacy.

This is vital type of intimacy is crucial in the lives of most every couple, friendship or partnership, and is focused on sharing your thoughts and opinions regarding the things you care about most. This involves the sharing of intellectual thoughts and insights with your partner through discussions that may be either light-hearted or incredibly serious.

Spiritual Intimacy.

Spiritual intimacy can be seen as the hub from which all other intimacy types get projected. It comes from being together, praying for one another, and praying together at the same place of worship.

Recreational Intimacy. 

Many couples strive to reach that point where they find a great amount of comfort and joy in doing recreational activities together. It might be a form of indoor or outdoor sports, going to the movies, heading to the park to relax, heading out on a hike, or anything of the like.