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Let’s talk about something that isn’t discussed frequently enough: being a single parent.  So much love is given towards two parents raising their children, but where is all the love for the parents who are doing it all on their own?  What about the dad who lost his wife and is raising his three daughters on his own now, or the young girl who is raising her baby alone? There are so many different situations these parents may be in but they all have one thing in common: raising their children by themselves.


Being a single parent can take a large toll on your mental health.  As a single parent, you will more than likely put your child before yourself, neglecting your own self care and mental wellness.  Bills may stack up and you may be running on minimal hours of sleep because of the needs for your children; but no matter what, you DESERVE to set some time aside to treat yourself.  Whether that be a trip to the movies alone, a night out with girlfriends, or going on a date. Call a parent, a friend, or a family member to babysit for you every now and again – I guarantee they will be on your front doorstep in a heartbeat.


There are many challenges that come with being a newly (or not so new) single parent. It will be twice the work and twice the stress, but it will also give you more pride and so much love. Raising your children on your own will not be easy but there are resources and groups you can meet with for support!


If you are looking for resources in the Wilmington area check out SPARC (Single Parents Alliance and Resource Center) where you can find meetings, blogs, and events to join in!