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Parenting is THE hardest job on the face of the planet. Hands down. Now throw on a global pandemic that causes 6+ weeks of quarantine. So many parents are struggling with judging themselves, being exhausted, feeling guilty… It makes therapists sad because you are doing a great job parenting just being there for your child. 

It’s okay if you’re not spending your days making Daddy/Daughter Tik Tok videos or having a bake-athon. If you are keeping your kids safe and nurtured, you are killin’ it!

Steph and I hopped on a Zoom call to record a video of us chatting about the most helpful strategies that therapists are giving parents right now. Obviously the beach has been closed cuz we be lookin’ real pale AND I did, in fact, color in my roots with a permanent marker for the purposes of this video. We’re not perfect but are mental health skills are SHARP!

Check it out!



Prioritize breaks for yourself

There is no pouring from an empty cup, so make a point to be alone a few times a day to recharge. Even taking 5-10 minute breaks every few hours can make a huge difference in your energy level and patience. Here’s your permission to lock yourself in the bedroom, lay on the bed, and listen to a few songs you love or use a meditation app. 

Keep your Routine

Don’t let CoronApocalypse throw your routine out the window. Do your regular sleep and nap schedules, keep breakfast/lunch/dinner at normal times and in the same places you normally do. Kids thrive on schedules… and so do we!

Throw “Shoulds” out the Window

None of us have done this before. We will not be graded for how much we accomplished during the pandemic. However you are managing is fine. “Should” is a word or thought that promotes little other than guilt. Yes, I see all of the Pinterest-style activity and academic suggestions for kids. And if that’s your thing, great! But if it’s not, squash that “should” and do what you and your family feel comfortable with. 


About the Authors

Stephanie Nelson MSW, LCSW, LCAS is a licensed therapist in Wilmington, NC. She specializes in family dynamics and loves to work with teens and adults on overcoming conflict and dysfunctional family dynamics. She has a wealth of expertise on parenting strategies and embraces being an imperfect parent herself. 

Kayla Reilly MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist and founder of Evolution Wellness, a counseling center in Wilmington, NC. She specializes in relationships and helps people be better in every relationship role they have. When she’s not busy helping people conquer their mental health and relationship wellbeing, you can find her snuggling her dogs, reading, or playing a mean game of poker. 

Evolution Wellness is a counseling center in Wilmington, NC that offers individual counseling and couple’s counseling. Our professional counselors are trained to listen with empathy and expertise and offer guidance to facilitate your personal growth.