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Work With an Experienced Women’s Therapist in Wilmington, NC to Achieve Personal Growth

The Unique Challenges of Women’s Issues

Is it difficult to explain to someone else how stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed you feel? The obstacles women face today are numerous. Just a few include sexism or discrimination particularly relating to careers, self-concept and body image, medical issues unique to women, and work-life balance, sometimes with an emphasis on parenting.

When we say women’s issues, we are referencing concerns that impact female-identifying clients’ emotional, physical, and mental health.

The women’s therapists at our Wilmington-based counseling center understand that women’s issues are tough and overwhelming. And, we’re here to support you.

Therapy for women to work through unique challenges for women can really change your life for the better. So, let’s work together to make small changes that yield big results.

What are Common Women’s Issues?

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Women have to deal with a lot, both personally and socially. Many challenges are experienced more heavily by female-identifying clients, such as sexism, discrimination, fertility/birth, and parenting. Although our society has shifted towards respecting women more, there is still so much progress to be made in terms of prioritizing women’s mental health and well-being.

Women often feel like they have to balance both work and life and “do it all.” Maybe you’re one of these women that isn’t sure how to navigate parenting challenges or relationship struggles. Or, maybe you’re exhausted from carrying the weight of what you “should” be and “should” do and ready to explore what you truly want out of life.

Whether your concerns stem from being a boss lady at work, a tired wife or mother at home, or a woman trying to juggle too many responsibilities and expectations, we see you and we get you.

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How Women’s Issues Show Up

No matter what mental or physical challenges you’re facing, your experience is valid. And you deserve to be seen, heard, and understood. At Evolution Wellness, your feelings and circumstances truly matter.

Because of all of the aforementioned factors, women are particularly susceptible to psychological concerns such as anxiety or depression. Further, these mental health concerns manifest different for everyone, but here are some frequent symptoms/issues:

Therapy for Women in Wilmington, NC

Let’s be honest, being a woman is hard. And, if you’re facing fertility issues, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, substance use, or recovering from trauma, it’s time to get the help you need and deserve. At our Wilmington, NC area counseling center we can help you foster positive changes so that you can break free from worry, unnecessary expectations, and overwhelm. In addition, therapy for women will empower you to grow into your strengths and love yourself for who you truly are: a badass woman.

Our Women’s Therapists’ Approach

Our counselors are here to support you. Your women’s therapist will encourage you to find ways to cope with the heaviness you’re feeling by tailoring strategies that combat your feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, pressure, and self-loathing. Stepping into your power can be an uncomfortable process, but the payoff of confidence, self-love, and healing is so worth it.

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Begin Therapy for Women in Wilmington, NC

It’s okay to not be okay. However, we are so happy that you found us and are ready to start your journey towards healing. The women’s therapists at our counseling center in Wilmington, NC are confident that together, we can find strategies that help you start feeling better as soon as possible. Plus, we offer online therapy in North Carolina for added convenience in meeting with a women’s therapist. Follow the steps below to start therapy for women’s issues in Wilmington, NC.

  1. Contact our counseling center at (910) 202-4326.
  2. Get matched with one of our skilled women’s therapists.
  3. Find relief from your pain and be the woman you want to be.

Other Services at Evolution Wellness

At our counseling center in Wilmington, NC we provide mental health services to meet your needs, both in-person and online. However, we don’t only provide therapy for women. We also provide therapy services in North Carolina for anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and trauma therapy and PTSD treatment. Our methods include, but are not limited to EMDR therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Further, we offer counseling for families, couples, and teens, too! Our welcoming and compassionate therapists are ready to meet you where you are and help you heal.



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