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Understanding the Relationship Between
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The way we view the world stems from what we learned in our childhood, perceptions from the culture around us, the stories we tell ourselves, and the patterns we become stuck in. Our therapists at Evolution Wellness can use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you become more aware of your thoughts and how they are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Through CBT, you learn strategies to change the way your mind translates situations and work through old traumas that shape your inaccurate beliefs. Sound confusing? I mean, we all studied this for years in graduate school, but we promise, applying the skills of CBT is a lot easier than trying to understand all the complicated jargon used to explain it. When you’re ready to explore this counseling option, reach out to Evolution Wellness.

What is CBT?


CBT is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people understand how thoughts and feelings influence behavior. You started having thoughts and feelings when you entered this world, and CBT gives you a starting point to gain awareness and control of those thoughts and feelings before they negatively impact your behavior.

White flower covered in dew. If you are struggling with your mental health and its impacting your life in a negative way, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Wilmington, NC can help.

How Does CBT Work?

Perception creates our reality. So, two people experiencing their boss coming into a room and saying, “You did a great job,” may interpret the situation two different ways:

One person thinks, “I did do a great job, didn’t I?”

The next may think, “Oh, she’s being sarcastic. I really screwed that one up.”

How we interpret the situations we are in day-to-day creates thoughts that we turn into stories we tell ourselves. These stories impact our emotional response to situations and the actions we take.

If the guy that interpreted his boss with “Oh, she’s being sarcastic. I really screwed that one up,” feels defeated and worthless, he may be less likely to volunteer for the next project…which makes him question his worthiness in the job…which makes him feel more defeated…and on…and on. You get it. Working with a therapist can help you overcome distorted thought patterns that keep you stuck. Using CBT, a therapist can help you recognize, assess, and overcome problematic thought patterns.

Uses of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


CBT has been used to treat people suffering from a wide range of disorders, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Anger

Types of Distorted Thinking

The kind of problematic patterns CBT takes on are called distorted thinking. We all have thought distortions throughout our day. Some common types of distorted thinking include:

  • All or Nothing – I’m perfect or I failed
  • Over Generalizing – Nothing good ever happens
  • Mental Filters – Clearly seeing failures but ignoring successes
  • Disqualifying the Positive – That doesn’t count because…
  • Jumping to Conclusions – Believing we know how others are thinking or can predict the future
  • Magnification & Minimizing – Giving too much or too little significance to certain things
  • Emotional Reasoning – I feel embarrassed, so I must be right in thinking I’m stupid
  • Failure Mindset – Applying “should,” “could” “ought” to your own or other people’s behaviors is recipe for disappointment
  • Labeling – I’m a loser, They are useless, etc.
  • Personalization – This is my fault – even though I had no control over the situation
  • Depersonalization – This is your fault – even though I had responsibility in the situation

What to Expect

In CBT sessions, you can expect your therapist to get to the heart of the matter. In the beginning, you might be peeling back layers that cause more of those negative thoughts and feelings to come to the surface. During CBT therapy, you get to have these experiences constructively and in the safety of a counseling session.

Your therapist can help you understand why certain thoughts have taken root and explore how this thinking is causing you distress and leading to unhelpful behaviors. As you become aware of the difficult thoughts and feelings, they can be processed and understood.

In CBT you can expect to learn how to let go of what you no longer need to carry into the present. We like to think of it as: you grow through what you go through. You went through something, and now, you get to realize the lesson it is showing you and grow as a person. Then, you get to move forward. The tools you gain in CBT therapy allow you to interpret and deal with things in your environment in healthy and appropriate ways.


Start CBT Therapy Online in Wilmington, NC

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a proven treatment method that helps people understand how thoughts and feelings influence behavior. It can help you process and understand complicated feelings that are overwhelming you. Our  CBT Therapists are here to help you understand and apply this process. We also offer online CBT therapy in North Carolina for added convenience in today’s hectic world. Follow the steps below to start your journey with a CBT therapist in Wilmington, NC.

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3. Move forward and overcome!

Other Services at Evolution Wellness

CBT Therapy is perfect for facing and overcoming many of lifes complicated situations and states of being. Evolution Wellness offers support for these challenges and many life issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse and LGBTIA+ problems. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of treatment modalities to address all of your needs and these include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR therapy, and other Trauma Therapy options. We are ready to meet you exactly where you are and walk this road to healing with you!



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