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Work With an Experienced Young Adult’s Therapist in Wilmington, NC to achieve your personal goals

Supporting & Encouraging Young Adults to Transition into Rich Lives

At Evolution Wellness, our young adult therapists want to give the support that each person needs at each point in their lives where they are struggling. We offer therapy specifically for young adults as they navigate life transitions and all of the difficulties that can happen.

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Young adulthood is a complicated time for many people; some things that you may struggle with are:

  • Graduating from high school and then college can lead to changes in how we see ourselves as we move into a new phase of life.
  • Similarly, going out into a career or the workforce can bring up many feelings of concern or uncertainty. Often it feels like we have to decide our entire futures right now, and we don’t have what we need to make a confident decision.
  • Another issue that may show up is the transition from child/parent relationships to adult child/parent relationships. Many adult children struggle with new dynamics or changes in their relationships with their parents as they grow older.
  • Moving for school or work happens a lot during this phase of life. Now you not only have to figure out who you are, but you have to learn a whole new place, new social circles, and somehow feel at home enough to just be a person.
  • Losing friendships can be difficult when we grow up, move away, or develop new interests. The loss of a close friend or a friendship breakup can be just as hard and hurtful as any other meaningful relationship.
  • Comparison can be a tricky part of young adulthood. Feeling like everyone around you is meeting milestones and not being “supposed” to be can be devastating.
  • Difficulties with building new friendships or anxieties about dating and romantic relationships. As we get older, finding and investing in new relationships seem harder and harder.
  • Increased responsibilities are a hallmark of this stage of life. All aspects of adult life seem to just crash down on you one day, and there aren’t always straightforward explanations for how to navigate it all.
  • Deconstruction of everything you’ve learned is something that so many young adults go through. Being brought up with certain beliefs only to have them questioned can be so painful with everything else that is changing.
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Understanding the Unique Challenges for Young Adults

No matter what you struggle with during your young adulthood, the young adult therapists at our Wilmington, NC-based therapy practice will work with you to grow and heal. We will help you develop goals that will allow you to find your path and look toward your future. We will support you in finding the things that are important to you and offering you a safe place to process the emotions and thoughts that you may have about yourself and your potential.

If you are a young adult struggling with the changes going on in your life; you may be experiencing symptoms such as

  • Increased worry
  • Changes in sleep or appetite
  • Feelings of isolation or sadness
  • Difficulties in focusing or making decisions
  • Feeling overwhelmed or tired all of the time
  • Losing interest in things that used to bring you joy

Therapy for Young Adults Can Help

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If you are experiencing these things, you must reach out to someone you trust, and starting therapy can really help relieve some of the complicated and uncomfortable emotions you may be having. Know that you are not alone and that our young adult therapists will ensure that you get the treatment you need to handle everything you are dealing with.

Start Therapy for Young Adults in Wilmington, NC

Navigating life’s transitions can be challenging. You don’t have to do it alone. One of our young adult therapists can help along the way. We offer online therapy in North Carolina for added convenience in meeting with a young adult therapist. Follow the steps below to start your journey with a young adult therapist in Wilmington, NC.

  1. Fill out the contact form and get connected with our Care Coordinator.
  2. Get matched with one of our skilled young adult therapists.
  3. Move confidently into your adult years!

Other Services at Evolution Wellness

In today’s world, teens and young adults are up against a lot. That’s why our therapy practice in Wilmington, NC offers a multitude of services for teens and young adults. For those suffering from depression, we offer depression treatment. Similarly, we offer anxiety treatment if anxiety is something you or your teen are struggling with. Likewise, we provide trauma therapy and EMDR therapy for young adults stuck in the past and grief support when needed. We pride ourselves in having a whole-person approach to healing for teens and young adults. Let’s get started!



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