Family Therapy in Wilmington, NC

Are you ready to begin having healthy relationships within your family? Our family therapists in Wilmington, NC can help. We’re here to offer coparenting counseling, blended family counseling, and more. Let’s get started re-connecting your family today.

Repairing & Improving Family Relationships

At our therapy practice in Wilmington, NC, our professional family therapists specialize in helping
you heal the most important relationships you have — the ones within your family.

Family Therapy Can Help

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Do you have children who just don’t follow directions? Are you finding it challenging to have quality time as a family without an argument? Do you feel your family is distant and cold with each other? Has your teen acting cold and detached? Stable relationships are not easy to maintain. And deciding counseling is the right option to deal with family problems is a big step. But sometimes, it’s necessary.

When the family’s own approach for solving problems has not been formed, communication and conflict resolution steps are no longer working, or problems seem insurmountable, it’s time to visit us. We know that it’s not easy to open up and admit your family’s not perfect, but good news, no family is!

Trying family therapy in Wilmington, NC is not admitting defeat. Instead, it is an important step to helping build a family’s toolbox and resources.

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Benefits of Family Therapy

There are many reasons you and your loved ones may decide to schedule family therapy sessions at Evolution Wellness. Whatever your reasons for getting started, families can expect to experience a lot of benefits from their therapy journey with our team, including:

  • Learning better ways to communicate – speaking and listening, being clear and precise
  • Establishing clear roles and boundaries and respecting these boundaries
  • Providing a safe place to discuss family issues
  • Coping with behavioral issues
  • Building self-esteem
  • Repairing emotional wounds
  • Moving forward after a divorce or blending a new family
  • Figuring out where anger stems from, avoiding triggers, resolving issues, and thinking before reacting
  • Expressing empathy – seeing from each other’s perspectives
  • Creating more positive time together and forming stronger bonds

Will We All Meet Together Every Session?

Image of family with walking with a child in a diaper. This picture could depict a family after meeting with a family therapist for coparenting counseling in Wilmington, NC. Family therapy can help with many family struggles. | 28411 | 28412

Depending on your family therapist’s approach, you may do all family therapy sessions together as a family. Or, you may have some breakout sessions with just parents or just siblings. For example, if you are concerned that siblings are arguing too frequently, the family counselor might see fit to meet with just the siblings to work on conflict resolution strategies. Then, they’ll meet with the parents in a separate session to develop clear expectations of when to intervene and when to let the siblings work out conflict on their own. The great thing about family therapy with our team is that we encourage flexibility, so your therapist will respond to your family’s needs as they arise.

Why is Good Parenting Important?

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Most of us had good parents. Perfect parents? Absolutely not – that’s not a thing. None of us are perfect. But that doesn’t mean that the needs our parents failed to meet for us won’t impact who we become. Vulnerability is hard, but when it comes to a parent/child relationship, kids always feel vulnerable. Think about that for a minute. Your children depends on you for everything, so if they don’t get what they need (even if they don’t know how to ask for it), they may feel like they don’t deserve what they need.

Now, imagine if your kids know that the issue isn’t that they’re not good enough. The issue is that you’re not perfect. Good parenting often means recognizing that you make mistakes. By admitting this to your children, you are creating a meaningful bond that tells them that it’s okay to be imperfect. And that you care enough to try to be better. That you are vulnerable, too. The dynamic shifts, and you can more fully connect with your child.

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. There is certainly no right way to parent, but a family therapist may have expertise to help parents identify strategies, behavior plans, and boundaries to improve the family functioning. Your family therapist will help you identify your values and goals as a parent. Then, they’ll teach you how to achieve behavioral and emotional goals within those value systems while still respecting your child’s needs and autonomy.

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Begin Family Therapy in Wilmington, NC

If you’re ready to start coming together as a family again, give us a call. We know how valuable family can be and how important it is that your family relationships thrive. With our expert family therapists at our Wilmington, NC-based practice, you and your family can get there once again following these steps.

  1. Contact us at (910) 202-4326.
  2. Meet with one of our experienced family therapists.
  3. Find peace in your family again.

Other Services at Evolution Wellness

Here at our therapy practice in Wilmington, NC, we also care about providing high-quality counseling services to individual members of the family. Among our individual services are anxiety and depression treatmentsubstance abuse counseling, and EMDR. For more services within the family, we offer couples therapypremarital counseling, intimacy & sex therapy, counseling for divorcetherapy for women, and therapy for teens. For more information about our practice, check out our blog or contact us.



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