Our Counseling Services
in Wilmington, NC

Our Counseling Services

If you’re seeking counseling services in Wilmington, NC, look no further than our therapists! From counseling for individuals, to family therapy, we offer just about any counseling service you need to give you hope and healing from whatever circumstances life throws at you. At Evolution Wellness, we care about your individual needs. We will have a phone call with you and then match you to the right therapist with the appropriate specialty and methods for your specific treatment.

Our therapists specialize in EMDR trauma, depression, anxiety, and other types of therapy. If you’re ready to get started, please call or text our team at (910) 202-4326, contact us online, or go ahead and fill out our schedule an appointment form. We offer services for both individuals and families at our physical location and in online therapy sessions.

List of Individual Therapy Services

Are you an individual looking for therapy for anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse, etc.? At Evolution Wellness, we hear and see your struggles. Our locations on Delaney Avenue, Princess Street, and Market Street, offer individual counseling services for the following:

List of Family Therapy Services

Evolution Wellness also offers support through our compassionate family therapy services. Whether you are looking for premarital counseling to prepare for your marriage, or therapy for military families, please give us a call, and we can match you to the right counselor:

Aetna logo for an insurance company. This insurance could help cover some of the costs related to therapy for women in Wilmington, NC. Seeing a women's therapist can be extremely beneficial. Start now! 28411 | 28412 | 28451
BlueValue insurance logo. This photo could represent a person utilizing their insurance plan to seek therapy for women in Wilmington, NC for help with anxiety, depression, and more. Consider seeing a women's therapist in North Carolina today. 28405 | 28409
BlueCross-BlueShield Logo- This could be used when seeking therapy for women in Wilmington , NC. Women's therapists are here to help with all of your therapy needs.28411 | 28412  28451
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