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A Culture of Clinical Excellence

Who You Are

At Evolution Wellness, we believe small steps yield big results. If you’re a clinically excellent therapist who believes in self-care, a strong work-life balance, continuous growth through education, and a supportive team atmosphere, you’re a great fit for Evolution. Joining our team means leaving administrative, billing, and credentialing responsibilities to our superb staff so you have time to do what you love to do – therapy! We’ll support you every step of the way with an extensive onboarding process, CEU stipend, furnished office, and on-call support staff.

Vision & Culture

We believe in providing the best service possible for our clients. In session, this looks like using evidence-based practices and focusing on instilling change in your clients. We aren’t just having conversations.

We envision a team of clinicians that are diligently focused on embodying a Humble, Hungry, and Smart culture. 

Humble: We are not the expert or above our clients. We simply have tools and knowledge to serve others.

Hungry: We aim for results and value focus with our clients. We are here to serve others.

Smart: We are able to empathize with others and know how to adapt to the person they are talking to. We have the ability to put others at ease and be aware of how we come across to others.

At Evolution, we strive to offer therapy sessions that provide clinical excellence. We believe our values help us achieve this goal. 

I’ve never felt so supported as I do at Evolution Wellness!

Tori Morgan, MSW, LCSWA

Outpatient Therapist Associate

Clinical Excellence

Clinical excellence means you’re a clinician that knows who you like to work with and how to work well with them. Clinicians on our team have an ideal client which they’ve tailored unique approaches for through continuing education and training. Clinically-excellent therapists maintain good boundaries with coworkers and clients alike and know how to communicate well

Image is a graphic of Evolution Wellness' logo with the words "Evolution Wellness" on the picture.  This therapy company is hiring for licensed therapist jobs in Wilmington, NC. Looking for counseling jobs or mental health clinician jobs? We are hiring. 28411 | 28412 | 28451

Work at Evolution has been very different than any of my past jobs. It’s the perfect balance of being independent with control of my schedule and caseload, but also having an amazing team that provides encouragement, support, and growth.

Amy Phillips, MSW, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist

Image is a graphic of drawn hands with puzzle piece outlines and they are all trying to connect, just as Evolution Wellness is working to hire for licensed therapist jobs in Wilmington, NC. They are hiring for mental health clinician jobs and counseling jobs in Wilmington, NC. 28411 | 28412 | 28451


Accountable team members follow through with what they say they’ll do. Clinicians at Evolution see integrity as the center of their decision-making, both inside and outside of the office. Team members understand their role in the team and maintain responsibility for that role. If everyone is accountable, the team is strong.

I love how the priority at Evolution Wellness is continued growth and continued education.

Jeremy Serafin, MA, LCMHC, NCC, CCTP

Outpatient Therapist


Being strengths-based means creating an accepting, nonjudgmental environment for both team members and clients. We treat others with the dignity and respect human life deserves. Strengths-based clinicians use empathy and emotions to understand others always have a reason for acting the way they do. Clinicians never use pejorative language regarding clients or their coworkers.

Image is a person standing on a mountainside taking in the view. This image could represent the freedom felt by someone after accepting a position for counseling jobs in Wilmington, NC. Evolution Wellness is hiring for licensed therapist jobs and mental health clinician jobs in Wilmington, NC. 28403 | 28405 | 28409 |

I like how I can focus completely on the sessions with my clients; I can focus completely on clinical skills.

Megan Havel, MS, NCC, LCMHC

Outpatient Therapist

Graphic of people communicating with word bubbles above their heads. This image could represent the communication skills of someone looking for mental health clinician jobs in Wilmington, NC. Evolution Wellness is hiring for licensed therapist jobs and counseling jobs. 28401 | 28403 |


At Evolution Wellness, we firmly believe over-communication is better than under-communication. Communicating keeps us connected with our coworkers, including the administrative and clinical teams. It’s better to say the same thing twice than not at all.

I love the awesome office space, flexibility, supportiveness of the team, and being able to clinically focus on what I really enjoy treating.

Thomas McConnell, MSW, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist


Clinicians dedicated to growth are never satisfied with staying still.  We are always looking for something better, whether that be a new leadership role or a new approach with clients. Growing clinicians strive for new skills and knowledge to expand their clinical practice.

Image shows a grass garden in the shape of a head with the brain area full of flowers. This image could represent the positive thinking needs to work counseling jobs in Wilmington, NC. We are hiring for licensed therapist jobs and mental health clinician jobs in Wilmington, NC. 28411 | 28412 | 28451

From day one of joining this team, I have felt so welcomed. It’s a very calm and supportive environment. You are given the tools you need to understand your role and then encouraged all the time to reach out with any questions or concerns. I feel that this work environment and culture are both a combination of direction and independence. It’s a place to grow as a clinician and gain experience while being supported each step of the way.

Allison Brilhante, MSW, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist Associate

Graphic shows an illustration of seven people sitting around a table with lightbulbs on the table, representing a share of ideas. When looking for licensed therapist jobs in Wilmington, NC, counseling jobs, or mental health clinician jobs in Wilmington, NC, it is important to bring ideas to the table. 28411 | 28412 | 28451


Innovative clinicians are not afraid to challenge the status quo.  Innovation means creating new ways to overcome obstacles.  Clinicians who value innovation strive to achieve new heights through learning, adapting, and growing according to new challenges.

Evolution Wellness has given me so many opportunities to grow professionally and learn new skills. I love supporting the staff and seeing the impact they make on the community.

Ali Callahan

Practice Manager


Evolution Wellness clinicians strive for results. We are goal-oriented. As clinically-excellent therapists, our goal is to graduate clients from treatment. Successful treatment is the goal of each therapist and the practice as a whole. Keeping results in mind gives us an end to work towards.

Image shows a drawing of a head with the brain area growing flowers of all kinds. Evolution Wellness is hiring for mental health clinician jobs in Wilmington, NC. Counseling jobs and licensed therapist jobs are available. | 28401 | 28403 | 28405 |

What we are looking for

Are you a therapist who wants to get into private practice but you aren’t sure where to start? Are you dedicated to clinical work and are excited to be in a position that values continuing education and high-quality clinicians while making a great living so you can enjoy your home life?


Evolution Wellness is looking for a fully licensed clinician (LCSW, LCMHC, or LMFT) who has a specialty that fits within our niche of services for individuals and couples. If you love working with children, we are NOT the practice for you. We have individuals and couples who need a compassionate therapist.


Our model is the best fit for therapists who believe in helping clients make big changes. We take care of the business side (billing, marketing, credentialing, etc.) so that you can focus on doing therapy!


Evolution Wellness places a high value on its staff members that is shown through our support for you. We have cultivated a workplace culture of collaboration, mutual respect, open communication, independence, and a structure that encourages work/life balance.

What We Offer

  • A robust benefits package (health insurance benefits, paid time off, paid holidays and money towards continuing education)
  • A beautiful furnished office
  • A team of staff who are supportive and drama free who want you to succeed!
  • TONS of referrals
  • Administrative support including billing/credentialing done for you
  • Great work/home balance: we believe you work to live, not live to work
  • NO on call
  • Pick your own schedule
  • An opportunity to grow in your career depending on strengths and interests: creativity, leadership, team building, etc.
  • Team social events
  • Down to earth team environment. We are people helping people. Uptight people need not apply 😉


As a way to say thanks for joining our team, you could be eligible for up to $3,000 as a sign-on bonus! Your eligibility and amount received will be determined and shared with you if you receive a job offer.

Education and Experience

  • Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling or related field, plus two years or 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, required.
  • Licensed in the state of North Carolina and from an Accredited Program (LPMHC, LCSW, LCSWA, LMFT, etc.).

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