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We hope that you are doing well and adjusting to all of the changes that have been going on related to social distancing, working from home, balancing kids being home from school, etc.
1. Connection
If you are connecting to your telehealth appointment via your telephone, please put on the “do not disturb” feature. If you receive a phone call while we are connected, it causes issues related to the audio and video that can be difficult to correct. Laptops, desktops, and tablets work best for Telehealth. Telehealth is designed to work over Wifi, please keep this in mind, as well.
If there are issues with the video connection, we can try an alternate platform OR we can simply call you on the phone. Insurance companies have not previously allowed phone sessions, but due to the circumstances, have loosened restrictions on us using this form of therapy. 
COVID-19 Stay Strong
2. Privacy
If you have bluetooth headphones, please utilize them as a resource at this time for either the telehealth (video) session or for a telephone session. Using headphones also keeps your conversation more private, as both sides of the conversation cannot be heard by anyone who might be in your household, office, etc. They’re great for blocking out background noise and being able to hear each other more clearly. You’re welcome to go out to your car or to a parking lot where you have WiFi access (like outside of a restaurant , etc) if needed for an added layer of privacy.
3. Finances
If finances are a concern at this time and you are a self-pay client or working towards meeting your deductible and cannot afford your full session cost, we are happy to work with you on utilizing 30 min. sessions, at a lower rate. Please contact us directly if you have questions related to this or would like to explore this as an option. If you have a copay, unfortunately, no matter what the length of the session, your copay remains the same.
Stressed using telehealth
4. Scheduling
We plan to be closed to face-to-face appointments until at least May 15, 2020. At that point, we will re-evaluate things based on the recommendations made by the CDC. This is a long time to go without a therapy session. We realize that adjusting to technology is very different than face-to-face interaction, but we are working hard to keep sessions as productive as possible despite this change. Again, we are available for both telehealth and telephone sessions at this time. If you find yourself needing to schedule or reschedule, you have several options! You can log into your client portal to see our openings and request an appointment. The link for this is:
You’re also welcome to contact our office at (910) 202-4326 or email the office at: support@evolutionwilmington.com
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at this time related to appointments, questions, resources, or whatever else comes up. Evolution Wellness is here for you during this very unusual time and we truly look forward to seeing you in the near future!

About the Author: Natalie Gomes, MA, LCMHCS, LCAS is a licensed therapist in Wilmington, NC. She specializes in individual therapy with teens and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use issues, and problems finding balance in everyday life. 

Evolution Wellness is a counseling center in Wilmington, NC that offers individual counseling and couple’s counseling. Our professional counselors are trained to listen with empathy and expertise and offer guidance to facilitate your personal growth.