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If you asked any of us a year and a half ago what would life be like right now, it’s doubtful anyone would have guessed we’d be going through the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, some families might have thought that being forced to stay home from work and school would be a fun break. But as the many months have passed, we’ve all learned this has been anything but fun.

But how has COVID-19 been affecting families? Well, it affects parents, kids, and spouses a little differently.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Kids

Kids haven’t enjoyed the time off nearly as much as we all initially thought. Disruption to normal routines caused many teens and adolescents to feel anxiety. Add to this being away from their friends, and many young people are also feeling depressed.

Graduation ceremonies were postponed, sports teams were canceled, and boredom has long since set in. This lack of stimulation and socializing has led to a lot of acting out and showing mood swings.

The pandemic has also negatively impacted those youths already suffering from a mental health issue, such as those on the autism spectrum. For many of these kids, a disruption of routine has stalled their progress and caused anxiety.

With some schools opening and some only offering online classes, life is still not back to normal and many kids are simply not able to deal with this crisis any longer.

How it Affects Parents

Parents have, without question, been hit hard by the pandemic. Many parents have had to learn how to homeschool while also learn how to get used to the “new normal” of working from home at least part of the time.

As if that wasn’t enough, parents have also had to become makeshift therapists. They have had to adapt to helping their children navigate through the fear, anxiety, and depression they are experiencing.

How it Affects Spouses

Quarantining and self-isolation have definitely impacted our familial and romantic relationships. When you are locked in a house with your family, things can become chaotic and unnerving. Enduring financial hardships, worrying about health, all while raising children—just going grocery shopping can add a layer of stress.

Those couples who may already have relationship issues under the surface may find the sudden and intense stress has brought these issues to the surface. This can be a turning point for many relationships: will this current crisis bring us closer or finally drive us apart?

Without question, we are all living under an intense amount of stress even as restrictions are lifting. If you and your family aren’t able to handle the stress any longer, reach out and get some help from one of our family counselors. All of our therapists are offering both in-person and telehealth services.