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The teenage years are hard for most kids — between stressful school, fickle friends, and the hormone soup swirling in their brains and bodies, it’s very easy for teens to stress out about their lives. At Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, we’re passionate about providing people constructive, personalized strategies with which to tackle the challenges in their lives. If you’re struggling with how to help your teen with the difficulties they’re facing, read on — here are some of the most common sources of stress for teenagers and some ways you can help them cope.


Academics are a very common source of tension for teens. After all, when you’re already feeling negatively, the last thing you want to do is deal with something that requires concentration and focus. It’s important for teens to complete their homework, attend class regularly, and do well in school, but it’s also important that they enjoy learning in at least some of their classes, as coming to loathe the responsibility and routine of school could negatively impact their future habits.

If your teen is struggling with school, offer to help them study for difficult classes, or help them talk through how they stay organized. Sharing personal stories about your high school days can help relate to their difficulties and reassure them that the trials of academics can be overcome successfully.


Friendships can often be tumultuous during the teenage years, and it can be difficult to watch your child endure so much drama and pain that can come with hormone-fueled dynamics. However, don’t let your sympathies lead you astray from the natural communication patterns you’ve established with your child.

Knowing when to reach out to your child and when to give them space is very often a challenge during the teenage years, but just do the best you can. Reach out often enough that your teen knows that you’re there if they want to discuss or vent about an issue with their friends, but don’t push it if you’re met with resistance. Your teen will reach out when they need it most. Just do enough, often enough to clearly demonstrate that your door is open whenever they need it.


Your child’s first few times dating are likely to give you as many feelings as it does them, but it’s imperative to your relationship with your child that you keep a level head and remain a good resource for knowledge. They may not appreciate it in the moment or even react with embarrassment, but it’s critical that you talk with them about boundaries, expectations, and communication in relationships. Don’t concern yourself with trying to stop them from making the same mistakes you did— rather, for their safety, teach them about how to clearly communicate boundaries in relationships, how to set and enforce expectations, and, most importantly, how to identify abusive behavior patterns.

If you’re not knowledgeable about patterns of abuse or are unsure how to best teach your teen about building healthy romantic relationships, call our counseling office in Wilmington. Our relationship counselors are highly experienced and here to help.

The Future

If you think your child growing into a young adult is giving you conflicting feelings, just imagine how they’re feeling! The prospect of approaching adulthood can stress a lot of teenagers out.

There’s not much you can do to alleviate an existential fear that has yet to materialize, but you can help get their mind off the things they’re feeling with designated family time and structured activities they enjoy. You’d be surprised how many teens appreciate nostalgic activities and treats from their childhood, even if they might not show it outwardly.

Most importantly, regardless of what’s stressing out your teen, try to embrace their mood swings and turmoil with as much patience and compassion as possible. They may be young adults, but they’re still children that need love and support to realize their full potential. If you’re struggling with how to handle your teen’s transformative years, or you believe they need help coping with their problems, schedule a teen counseling appointment at Evolution Wellness in Wilmington! We accept most forms of insurance and help people of all ages and backgrounds build constructive strategies for dealing with the issues in their life.