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During these unprecedented times, we are learning the importance of cherishing life, cherishing health, and cherishing each other. With all of the events occurring throughout the world, it is easy to fixate on the negative circumstances surrounding us. This year may feel uneasy, troublesome, and tumultuous, discouraging us all not to celebrate the holidays. Nevertheless, one lesson learned from the challenging year of 2020 is to appreciate and savor the memories and moments with family and friends.

During the holiday season and for the remainder of the year, I challenge you to take those extra special moments with each other to create memories. As they say, Carpe Diem, (seize the day!), and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Try Something Spontaneous

One idea for cherishing time with others is to go on a trip with close friends. (Follow the necessary precautions, of course!) Find a destination you’ve never been to before. Go on a road trip, camp in the wilderness, or see the sights you’ve always just passed by. Be your authentic self and bask in the feeling of a fresh experience.

Capture Your Memories

Don’t be camera shy! Nearly all of us have a fantastic camera in our pockets at all times, so put it to good use! The photos you take of you and your loved ones can be posed or candid, but they are a great way to savor your memories to revisit later.

Celebrate Traditions

Maybe you love the traditions that have been in your family for generations. Or maybe you’re ready to add something new to the mix. One fun idea is to celebrate one old tradition and create one new tradition each year. You don’t have to stop leaving out milk and cookies for Santa, but you could start a gingerbread house decorating competition this year!

Now more than ever, it’s so important to take a moment to hold each other close and savor the moment. Cherishing our experiences and memories allows us to pause from the chaos and appreciate the present moment. 2020 has shown all of us that life is fragile and every moment matters. Let’s challenge ourselves to make the final moments of this year truly count. We do not have to allow the overwhelmingness of this year and feelings of defeat block us from enjoying what the remainder of this year could offer. Try reframing your mindset and altering negative thinking patterns into positivity. We all deserve to be happy and joyous. It may seem stressful to want to engage in anything this holiday season; however, let’s give ourselves the permission to let down our hair and enjoy.