Princess Street, WIlmington

We are accepting new therapy clients at this location and even offer evening sessions.

Princess Street

The Wilmington, NC therapy office on Princess Street is located in downtown Wilmington. It is a suite above Bespoke Coffee Shop. We are accepting new therapy clients at this location and even offer evening sessions.

We are the brown double doors between Louis Hot dogs and Bespoke Coffee Shop. This office is upstairs so if stairs pose an issue for you, please let us know so we can accommodate you. There is free parking for 30 minutes at the 2nd street or Market street parking deck.

Whether you have been dealing with anxiety for a long time or the symptoms have just started, you know that anxiety can invade every part of your life. Cyclical thinking, nagging worries, and the constant “what ifs” can feel overwhelming. Perhaps, you’ve found these thoughts are stopping you from enjoying the things that you love. Without treatment, anxiety makes living your life difficult, if not outright unbearable. But, it doesn’t have to be this way forever.

The anxiety therapists at our Wilmington based counseling center understand the realities of anxiety. So, we understand how overwhelming it can be. And, we’re here to help. It can be hard to take that first step to reach out – or even admit to yourself that anxiety is really what’s impacting your life. However, we know that anxiety treatment can really change your life for the better. So, let’s work together to reclaim your joyful moments from anxiety.

At our therapy practice in Wilmington, NC we want to meet your mental health needs, both in-person and online. Outside of EMDR therapy for trauma, we provide individual therapy services in North Carolina for anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and trauma therapy and PTSD treatment. Further, we offer counseling for families, couples, therapy specific to LGBTIA+ and teens too! In fact, for couples we offer everything from premarital counseling to marriage counseling, sex therapy or even divorce counseling. Our welcoming and compassionate therapists are ready to meet you where you are and help you heal.

We offer many different services to meet your needs:
Individual Counseling
Anxiety Therapy
Depression Therapy
Therapy for Teens
Couples Counseling
Marriage Therapy
Online Therapy Sessions



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