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Evolution’s Foundation

Kayla Reilly, MSW, LCSW founded Evolution Wellness in February 2017 to combat the “churn and burn” style of counseling which seeks to see and discharge as many people as possible, hurting both the individual and the therapist alike. She dreamed of a place that honored the client’s mind, body, and spirit and prioritized a relationship-first approach. Inspired by the need for an environment that supports growth in both clients and clinicians, Kayla created Evolution with a mission and vision in mind.

Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Evolution Wellness’ mission is to provide clinically excellent care to individuals in the community. We achieve this goal through a commitment to our values of accountability, communication, growth, innovation, and results. Our vision is to be a place of holistic healing, a place where relationships are paramount, and a place where clinicians can maintain a work-life balance while still growing and mastering their craft. Here at Evolution, we believe small steps make big changes, and we’re committed to helping you all the way.

What makes us different?

At Evolution Wellness, we are dedicated to our values day in and day out. We know that our interactions within our team, with our clients, and within the community is how we create a space where mental health is prioritized, respected, and understood. We go the extra mile because we know that the intricate details foster excellent service.  

What Makes Us Different


We are honest in word and deed. We pride ourselves on always being ready to deliver the truth, know that integrity is the bedrock of our success. 


At Evolution Wellness, we firmly believe over-communication is better than under-communication. Communicating keeps us connected. It’s better to say the same thing twice than not at all.



We thrive on the idea of “always grateful, never satisfied.” Our team has an unquenchable thirst for something better. We are constantly in the pursuit of excellence in our work and our service to our clients by striving for new skills and understanding.


At Evolution, we have built our team with brave people who challenge the status quo, move around obstacles, and create effective solutions to grow ourselves and help our clients improve.



Evolution Wellness clinicians strive for results. We are goal-oriented. As clinically-excellent therapists, our goal is to graduate clients from treatment. Successful treatment is the goal of each therapist and the practice as a whole. Keeping results in mind gives us an end to work towards.

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