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Many of us think of “the workday” as starting the moment we set foot in our place of work, but it actually begins the moment we open our eyes. Beginning our day mindfully and extending that sense of being present into our workday can make a significant difference in how productive we are and how successful we are at striking a “work/life balance”. If you exhibit the signs below, take a day off and get back on track. Your coworkers, clients, and self will be grateful!

You have a short fuse.

  • You’re irritability has steadily increased and you’re finding yourself snapping at coworkers. It’s becoming harder to shake off small things and you’re spending time stewing over details you’d normally be able to “let go” of.

Your sleep doesn’t feel restorative.

  • You wake up feeling as tired as you did when you went to bed. Sleep feels like it goes by in a blink and you’ve lost count of how many times you hit the “snooze button”.

Your emotions are at the surface.

  • You find yourself on the verge of tears more often than usual. You’re not sure why you’re crying, or what triggered the tears, but they’re there and you’re finding it difficult to stop crying.

Focus? What focus?

  • Losing things, misplacing things, speaking incorrectly or incoherently, forgetting to do routine tasks or responsibilities that you normally have no trouble finishing.

Your days off aren’t enough of a break.

  • You count the hours until your workday ends and dread going back in. The weekends go by in a blink and the work week drags on.

Your self-care has deteriorated.

  • You’ve stopped going to the gym, aren’t eating nutritious foods, and have maybe even lost interest in personal grooming. You’re getting sick frequently and can’t seem to stay healthy.

About the author: Natalie Gomes MA, LPCS, LCAS is an individual counselor in Wilmington, NC. She also offers telehealth (aka online therapy) to North Carolina residents. Is someone you love’s addiction impacting you? Call her today at (910) 216-0194 for a free telephone consultation or to schedule an intake assessment and let’s start working towards life feeling more manageable for you.