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Mental Health Counselor Wilmington NC

Teenagers are notorious for bottling up their feelings, mainly because their feelings are all so new they just don’t know what to do about them or how to express them. This is what can lead to depression quickly. Evolution Wellness offers teen counseling services in Wilmington, NC. Below, we’ll go over three signs your teen may need counseling. Contact us today!


  1. Changes in school behavior. As cliche as this sign may be, it holds true. If your child who is normally engaged in school activities and doing well suddenly begins to withdraw and their grades fall, this can be a sign your teen is struggling and may need teen counseling from a professional counseling service, such as Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC.
  2. Changes in friends. Peer pressure is real and needs to be taken seriously. If your teen begins to drop friends and change friend groups, especially if these new friends are not ones you approve of, professional teen counseling may be in order.
  3. Self-destructive behavior. This is a tell-tale sign that your teen is struggling with something, either emotionally, socially, or something else. If you notice cutting, drug use, alcohol abuse, anorexia, bulimia, or other signs of self-destructive behavior, you definitely need to call your local teen counseling service right away.

Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC, offers teen counseling services. Contact us today if you notice signs your teen is struggling and needs help!