Time forever marches on. As you get older, time seems to march faster. Between career, family, kids, hobbies, and pursuing dreams, you barely have time to clean your house, wash your clothes, and do the dishes.

Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC, offers counseling services for all aspects of your life, from depression and anxiety to marital counseling and substance abuse. Below are some valuable hacks to stretch your time. Contact us today!


  1. Get organized. Think of all the time you waste trying to find everyday items that you have misplaced, from your car keys and wallet to your wedding ring and swimsuit. One way to stretch your time is to organize all of your belongings. Sure, this takes time up front, but you’ll reap the rewards in the end in saved time.
  2. Work with purpose. If you don’t control time, it will control you. If you don’t have a plan, what are you aiming for? None of us know how much time we have. In fact, we take it for granted that time will always be there. You need to set your goals, have a plan to get there, and work with that purpose in mind. Otherwise, one day you will wake up and realize you’ve accomplished nothing with your life.
  3. Delegate. Let go of the need to control your world, and ask for (and accept) help. Give the kids chores. Let your co-worker put together the next powerpoint presentation. Ask another parent to give your kid a ride to a soccer game. Hire a house cleaning service when you have guests coming into town. You’ll be a lot less stressed and get more done if you allow others to help.

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